Complaints and Grievance Procedure

 Clients have a right to address complaints about service provision with LLN and do so without fear of reprisal for doing so. LLN process for addressing a complaint is as follows:

  1. Clients are encouraged to address complaints/grievances with their counselors and attempt to work out the perceived problem in an informal manner.
  2. If the informal attempt to address the complaint/grievance does not result in a satisfactory outcome for the client, a formal complaint/grievance may be initiated.
  3. To file a formal complaint/grievance, a complaint/grievance form can be obtained from your counselor or in the clinic lobby.
  4. Complete the complaint/grievance form and submit it to the clinic director.
  5. Upon receipt of the complaint/grievance form, the clinic director will begin an investigation of the complaint, which may include interviews with the person submitting the complaint, and other persons noted on the form and/or within the clinic that may offer relevant information in resolving the complaint. 
  6. Within 5 working days of receiving the complaint, the clinic director will respond, in writing to the person who submitted the complaint, noting the result of the investigation. The written response will be provided during a meeting between the clinic director and the client, in which the outcome of the investigation will be discussed.
  7. Should the client be dissatisfied with the result of the response to the complaint, an appeal can be made to the program sponsor by indicating to the clinic director that an appeal of the outcome is requested.
  8. Within 5 working days, the program sponsor will respond in writing to the client as to the outcome of the appeal review
  9. At any time in the process, from the initial informal attempt to resolve the complaint to the receipt of the written response from the program sponsor, the client has the right to seek assistance from an advocate outside of the organization. Available advocates for. LLN clients listed below:

Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings 

Department of Health and Mental Health Hygiene

11101 Gilroy Road             

Hunt Valley, MD 21031 

(410) 229-4262 

Civil Rights Compliance Office

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

201 West Preston Street

Baltimore, MD 21201